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Sisal Fiber Wholesale. The term sisal may refer either to the plant’s common name or the fibre, depending on the context. It is sometimes referred to as “sisal hemp”, because for centuries hemp was a major source for fiber, and other fiber sources were named after it.

The sisal fiber is traditionally used for rope and twine and has many other uses, including paperclothfootwearhatsbagscarpetsgeotextiles, and dartboards. It is also used as fiber reinforcements for composite fiber-glass, rubber, and cement products.


We have direct contact with suppliers of sisal from Kenya. Our sisal is tough and wearable, with bright and fine colors, little moisture, and a high degree of purity. Suitable for making kinds of sisal rugs, sisal cloth, sisal buff, sisal paper wall, sisal sun-cap, sisal handicrafts, sisal laundry products, sisal door-mats, etc.

We produce the following grade of sisal .
-Grade 1
-Grade 2
-Grade 3L
-Grade 3(3s)
-Grade UG(UG Special)

Used for rope and twine
Resistance to deterioration
High strength


Natural Sisal Fibre Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Type: Natural Sisal Fiber Type 1, 2, 3 and 4
From:Container 20” (12MT) or 40″ (28MT)
The natural size of the fiber: Between 110cm to 130cm

sisal fibre: Grade A

Length: 110cm-130cm
Moisture: 10%-13%
Impurity: 0-2% max
Color: cream white cream, Brown.

We take pride in the quality of our fire and we are ready to assist you and offer the best price and quality.
we accept short and long-term contracts. Sisal Fiber Wholesale.


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